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PLA, the raw material of PLA filaments, is defined as polylactic acid. PLA filaments, a herbal product, are produced from corn and sugar cane starch. The starch-based properties show that these filaments do not harm human health and the environment. PLA's that do not give off any bad odor during printing provide a wide use in this direction. Filaments produced from other raw materials such as ABS are not considered to be preferred because of their harmful effects. The absence of any negative effects of PLA filaments on health provides that this raw material is particularly preferred in the medical and healthcare sectors.


7Hills PLA Plus filament Thickness: 1.75mm (± 0.05mm) Extrusion Temperature: 180-220 oC (*) Net Weight: 800 grams Roller Hub Diameter: 60 mm Roller Outer Diameter: 200 mm Roller Thickness: 70 mm It is sent in a vacuum package inside the box

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